Move Camp

Move Camp is a platform concept for helping people move their homes. It offers a wide range of services that will cover all client’s needs. For the styling I chose a more simple solution by using pastel colors and conveying a feel of warmth and coziness. A lot of spacing has been added between the […]


This time I stuck with a minimalistic approach to designing an online shop for new fashion wear. We want the user’s focus to fall on the images since they represent visually best what we want to sell. Spacing and consistency in the colors and typography are what gives the design this minimal feel. I made […]

Events Planner

Applying the Swiss design methods to web design projects turned out to be very effective idea. The grid layout gives you more freedom to place elements randomly on the page while keeping consistency and readability.  The concept for this project is an Event platform where you can find the latest concerts and live performances near […]

Kill the Urge

This is a project aimed to inform those who want to stop smoking. It provides up-to-date information from reliable sources and at the same time it’s presented in a pleasing way. I got inspired for this by illustration from artist Leo Natsume, he gave me green light to use the illustration and from there I […]


This is a Concept for learning code online in a vary modern and interactive way. Similar to codecademy or freecodecamp, Qode provides  the user with online code editor, where he can learn faster how to code in different languages. I’ve created a landing page where we present the product and stS features. Here’s how it looks like. Behance […]

Travel Guru

This is project I did for a university assignment. The goal was to create a landing page showcasing a specific product. I stopped on the idea of presenting a travel based mobile application. For the theming I chose to work with darker backgrounds and light colors for the front elements. I stuck with this elegant […]


Inter is a project I designed during my courses for Web design. I wanted to create a finished project for an Interior design agency. Hope you enjoy it. Behance Home page About page Blog page Article page Contacts page

Studio Basheva

A well-known architect in its community in Bulgaria and U.K. reached out and requested a more simple approach for redesigning the old website. First, we started with creating the design for the pages so we can define the design system, such as colors, typography, components and layout. We decided on using only bright tones to […]


Gimme is a concept for an online food delivery platform. We have simple design, combined with ease of use, providing multiple categories for foods and easy way for selection.  We use 3 colors as the basis and 2 fonts for headings and body font. We rely on Google Fonts as they provide secure and optimised […]

Apple Watch

The main goal was to create a website that showcases the best Apple Watch apps. The design was intended to be user-friendly and simple in order to achieve fluent user experience. The goal was offer a way to pick the best latest and featured apps. First I started with a mock-up for the Home page. […]