Bonsai Farm

With using earth tones we can achieve a natural feel for the design of online e-commerce website that sells Bonsai trees. I stuck with applying different shades of brown and using opacity for some backgrounds. The typography is using Display font that is readable and easily recognizable. Home page


A news portal with a consistent design system that uses grey as the main background. For the accent we use a more tinted blue color that adds more variety to the website. With the use of illustrations we also give it a modern look. The typography is sans-serif to follow the standard convention for presenting […]

Photography portfolio

A photographer’s portfolio that showcases the content in a presentable way. While using a black background we  allow for the images to stand out even more. We give a short information about the photographer and then we display the gallery in a masonry way. Home page


A marketplace with a modern look, using rounded edges and shades of white and light grey. The font is geometric and rounded and the use of slick icons and illustrations is present as well. Home page


This is a project for fundraiser campaigns related to animals. A concept idea developed from my deep love to all animals. For the design I chose Ivory color since it gives a warm feeling and welcomeness. The accent color is Orange and it sticks out nicely. I chose a serif font because it pairs nicely […]

Move Camp

Move Camp is a platform concept for helping people move their homes. It offers a wide range of services that will cover all client’s needs. For the styling I chose a more simple solution by using pastel colors and conveying a feel of warmth and coziness. A lot of spacing has been added between the […]


This time I stuck with a minimalistic approach to designing an online shop for new fashion wear. We want the user’s focus to fall on the images since they represent visually best what we want to sell. Spacing and consistency in the colors and typography are what gives the design this minimal feel. I made […]

Events Planner

Applying the Swiss design methods to web design projects turned out to be very effective idea. The grid layout gives you more freedom to place elements randomly on the page while keeping consistency and readability.  The concept for this project is an Event platform where you can find the latest concerts and live performances near […]

Vkusnoe Dining

For this concept design idea I stopped at using beige color for a dining restaurant presentation. We want to show the daily and general menus in a presentable way for the user while keeping the design simple and clean. The combination of handwritten font with a bold sans-serif font goes well together. The biege background […]