Apple Watch

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MAR 2019



A personal project, where the main goal was to create a website that showcases the best Apple Watch apps. The design was intended to be user-friendly and simple in order to achieve fluent user experience. The goal was offer easy way to pick the best apps at that current moment.

First I started with a mock-up for the Home page. I wanted it to be very clean and easy to navigate. On the left side we have a fixed image, serving as a banner to make the design feel more complete, while on the right side we have a slider where we list the apps. For the inner page I replicated the structure from the Official Apple App Store so the user feels more familiar with it.

Now that we have the mockup and the content ready, the next step is to apply styles and colors. I wanted the theme to be more dark oriented, because it’s easier on the user’s eyes, especially for websites as such. 

This is the result:

Result for inner page:

For more finished look, I decided to prototype it and add transitions and animations between the pages. Here’s a video of that.